Employee Retention Tax Credit

We specialize in Maximizing ERC Funding for Small Businesses.

Attention All Business Owners:

If you retained employees through COVID shutdowns, your business could be eligible for a payroll tax refund.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC or ERC) is gaining more and more attention as companies are discovering that they can amend their previously submitted 941s. Many businesses are being approached by consultants and told that they could receive substantial credits, even if they are not truly eligible.

If you have been approached about qualifying for the ERTC, we can help navigate your eligibility by:

  • Completing a complementary ERTC eligibility assessment to see if you qualify under the rules of the IRS
  • Applying for the credit if you qualify
  • Understanding the impacts of potential IRS audits and consequences of applying if you don’t qualify

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How does the ERC work?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) has helped many businesses retain employees and recover from the effects of the pandemic. While the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act retroactively ended the ERTC for most businesses, eligible companies have three years after the program ends to look back at wages paid and claim the credit. Below is a flowchart to help determine if you can still take advantage of the ERTC.

If you continued operating through the COVID-19 pandemic, you may qualify for the ERTC. Are you unsure if your business is eligible? We can help. 

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